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Schools into Smiles
With RI District 3230 Centenary Charitable Trust

The Cherian Foundation works hand in hand with Rotary District 3230’s Centenary Charitable Trust and its Schools into Smiles Project. The project focuses on improving the quality of facilities in Government schools which are riddled with basic infrastructural problems. Most of these schools are housed in dilapidated structures and is a glaring safety hazard for the children. The sanitation facilities are poor, if at all they exist. Safe drinking water is another serious concern. In order to help these schools overcome some of these obstacles, in the year 2004-05 The Centenary Charitable Trust conducted a thorough survey of over a thousand governments schools and shortlisted a 100 of the most deserving to be adopted by the Centenary Charitable Trust. Out of these 100 schools, TCF has adopted 2 of their own – Rotary Model School at Mugappair and Social Service League School at Queen Mary’s College campus. The adopted schools were renovated, new classrooms built, and play area equipments were provided as required. Under the Elixir of Life project by Coca Cola and Rotary Centenary Charitable Trust, safe drinking water systems were set up. Due to lack of maintenance and mishandling, these facilities need repair at regular intervals. TCF undertakes the execution of all of the Charitable Trust’s operations and follows up with the schools on the status of its upkeep and executes the needful. Additionally, over 50 computers along with KnowIT CDs in Tamil and English were distributed in these schools, and libraries were also set up. 200 books including encyclopedias were distributed in over a 100 schools in the state of Tamil Nadu in 2012- 13. Annually, Sports day is organised at the Model School, Mugappair by TCF for the benefit of the children.

In 2008, TCF initiated the the ‘Schools Into Smiles’ Cultural Festival for the children included in the Schools Into Smiles project. Ever since, it has been fully organised and partly sponsored with a minimum contribution of Rs 50,000 by TCF. Annually, all the 100 schools are invited to take part in this cultural festival where children are provided a fantastic opportunity and a platform to showcase their immense talent. They take part in various categories like singing, dance, fancy dress, painting, street play, speech competitions, and fashion show. This is a hugely popular event where a new bench mark is set every year in terms of calibre and organization.